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Hello, My name is Stacy and this is a blog for my baby.

My husbands name is Lance and this is our 6th baby.

We have Cody who was born 11-4-87

Trevan who wasborn 8-7-97

Grant who was born 5-1-01

On September of 06 we were to have our first little girl.

Her name was Treya but we lost her at 39 weeks gestation.

I made her a Myspace to chronicle her short little life.

Then we got pregnant again in Jan of 08 and at 18 weeks we lost Xion.

He has a short blog that starts from the day we knew we lost him until we had him.

Im not sure what is going to happen with this one. Im hopeful. If I end up blogging for 9 months that is ok with me but if I dont, at least I will have some happy memories of what it was like before the sad news.

G-d is good and it is in his hands. There is nothing I can not handle when He is holding my hand.

Now…..does anyone know how to load a widget so it will be on the side and not on a post???

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