Emotional Pain

Struggling struggling struggling

Why do people who are believers reject other believers? WHY do they think they have the right to decide which brethren are in their lives and which arent? We are so spoiled.

We prefer our TVs over people.

We prefer our jobs over people. Fishing. Hunting. Computers.

We are sooo easily offended. If someone doesnt fit our cookie cutter mold of how we think people should act we kick them out of our lives.

Before computers, we always thought thats what was happening…. as people stopped calling us or emailing us. When they started acting strange at church or work or school. But now…how much easier it is to just hit that delete button and delete someone right out of your life. And do you think they dont know?

Its sickening to me and my heart can not handle the pain. I take relationships very seriously. I rejoice with the people I love. I CRY REAL TEARS when someone you love dies or is ill.When you hurt I hurt with you!!! Even some of you I dont hardly know!

I dont ask for anyone to agree with me. Just be nice. Why is that so damn hard?

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