Had a thought

I had a thought last night. You know my tooth has been bothering me. Well ive been taking at least one xtra strength tylenol a day to keep it from hurting. I wonder if the tylenol has masked the cramps and thats why i havent felt like im having a baby. Paula (the midwife) said I would have lots of cramps and bleeding. IDK. Nothing big happening yet. Just still slow spotting. Heart ok, breathing ok, cramps, none.

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2 responses to “Had a thought

  1. Kellie Lipe

    Take another preg test if you are in doubt. Or, get an appt to see a female sonographer. (sp?)


  2. Nah Im done with doctors. Its def coming soon. If I had a test here id take it but im not going to buy one to confirm what I know. Its ok though. Ill be aight!

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