Its getting close

Well it wont be long now. The bleeding has increased quite a bit.

There are other ways I know it wont be long now but im not sure if I should share them here. Dont want to gross anyone out.

I also had some milk leakage today which is weird given the age of the embryo.

It sucks with the worrying and stuff. I went to the restroom at Red Lobster and midway through my session I needed to check to see if anything passed without my knowlege. So I got up a little to look and the stupid toilet whisked it away! I was like “HEY thats mine dammit and I wasnt done with it!”

I dont think it was anything but I am growing more fond of my lifeless toilet that allows me to be in control. I have a colonder on the back of it just in case. Ok sorry… I wasnt going to be gross.

How the heck do you talk about miscarriage? I want to share, details and all. Its good. It could be helpful to someone.

I had a margarita tonight so I think that helps with thinning the blood out. It seems like it did. It was gooood and it was my bday. It gave me a headache though. Still have it. Could also be the weather. A cold front came in.

Anyway, its my goal to keep this short, sweet and readable so ill stop here. Would love to hear from more of you though.

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