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Hiney ma tov

Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in Unity.

Today I went to a church that my family had been attending. I stopped going shortly after Christmas last year. My husband and kids kept going. I found a new congregation.

The people are nice but the theology is off and I offended some of them because I wasnt a carbon copy of them. (I still dont understand how christians can think its ok to get offended.)

It was good and I think most of them were happy I was pregnant because they watched me struggle to get pregnant for over a year.  My friend Janis is pregnant with me.

Everyday brings so many opportunities for change. I am hoping for a daughter for a few wrong reasons (to show up some (ahem) “friends” who have girls) but mostly for the right reasons. Im hoping she will take the edge off of me as I will want to teach her to be the lovey lady I am not. LOL

I will shop with her. Alot. And it will be more fulfilling than Legos.

Her name (as of now) will be: Kryssa Ilyann Braswell which means “follower of Christ, I love you, grace & favor.

She will be as beautiful as her name.

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